Karnataka Poultry Sector On Road To Recovery

BENGALURU: The poultry sector in Karnataka Seems to be recovering nicely, with sales of chicken and eggs picking up pace.

While chicken sale touched 368 metric tonnes per day, eggs crossed the 1 crore mark as on wednesday. Before the lockdown, around 700 MT of chicken and 1.6 crore eggs used to be sold in a day in Karnataka But the numbers rapidly dipped to 85 metric tonnes and 37 lakhs, respectively in the first week of April, mainly due to the misconception that consuming chicken and eggs would facilitate Covid-19 spread.

“Though what we are selling is only 50% of pre-lockdown sales, we are happy that business is picking up and hope to reach the previous level soon,” said animal husbandry minister Prabhu Chavan.
Relief Package for farmers

After announcing a Rs. 1600 Crore relief package for unorganized sector workers, Karnataka is likely to come out with one for farmers hit by the lockdown.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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