Common Mistakes By Poultry Farmers

Common Mistakes, All Poultry Farmers Make

When it comes to poultry farming, many of us make mistakes. These mistakes occur due to lack of experience, improper guidance or any other factor. In this article, we are going to look at the mistake which poultry farmers make.

The mistake made by each farmer is different. The new farmer may suffer loss due to inadequate knowledge and expertise, whereas an experienced farmer may suffer loss due to overconfidence or negligence.

We will categories this mistake accordingly. The mistakes mentioned here also come with solutions to avoid them. We wish that everyone who does poultry farming should be successful. We would love to be a part of your poultry farming success story by helping you to avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes made by New Farmers:

These mistakes are made by new poultry farmers as they don’t have any previous experience. It is advised to the new poultry farmers to be very cautious when starting a new farm to avoid these mistakes.

1. Approaching the poultry farming directly without any training/course/guidance/experience.

Solution: Before starting your poultry farm, it is advised to undergo some training. If training is not possible then, do the poultry farming under the guidance of experienced poultry farmer.

2. Not doing proper research about the poultry farming industry.

Solution: Before starting your poultry farm do a research about the industry, read our article on How to start poultry farming. Also, do the research of local market to get knowledge about the industry. Ask the experienced people around you about the challenge in the poultry industry.

3. Being overexcited. (Slow and steady wins the race.)

Solution: You must understand that poultry farming is a delicate process. You will be successful in poultry farming when you will do all the steps properly. Have patience and follow the process. You will be a successful poultry Farmer.

4. Suffering Mortality and loss.(Experience is the key.)

Solution: If you suffered loss and mortality in your first attempt then don’t get discouraged. Every mistake acts as a stepping stone to your success. Try to find out the mistake that you made. Avoid those mistakes next time.

Mistakes made by Every Poultry Farmer:

Following mistake are made by every farmer during their career as a poultry farmer. We want all the poultry farmers to avoid this general mistakes. These mistake area mostly common and lead to a major loss. Keep special attention on these mistakes.

The mortality of chicks, diseases, improper growth, the sudden death of birds, and many horrible things can happen if the following mistakes are not taken care of.Please make sure that you do not make any of these mistakes.

1. Find the perfect supplier. Someone who can provide healthy chicks at a reasonable price. If your chicks are unhealthy then you won’t have a successful batch. Always make sure that you buy chicks from the trusted sources.

2. Not taking care of chicks, not providing the proper vaccination or medicine.

3. Improper location of the farm, near the unhygienic area. Do not construct a farm near a pond site or water body.

4. Maintain clean farm. Make sure that you have done farm is antibacterial and antiviral before bringing the chicks to the farm.

5. Make sure that there is proper brooding. In winter days, provide proper heat to chicks. This is the main reason for the mortality of chicks in winter.

6. Make sure that there are proper ventilation and airflow on the farm. In the summer days, make sure that the temperature of farm in maintained. Use fogger if necessary.
7. Viral, Fungal and Bacterial diseases. These diseases can be caused by coming in contact with external people. Try to avoid the exposure of other people to the farm. They can also be the carrier of these diseases.

10. Impure water. The water that you give your birds should be clean. If should be free from contamination.

11. Overcrowding of birds. If you are crossing the limit of your shed capacity, this might lead to the improper growth of birds.

12. Debeaking (removing of the beak). Make sure that you cut the beak of birds. Due to this birds will not harm each other.

13. If Disease occurs. Note down the symptoms. Do not panic. Consult your fellow farmers. Ask for expert advise. Consult a Doctor. Give the medicine in Proper dose. If the disease is extreme in a category then try to contain it.

14. If improper growth. Make sure that you give high nutrition feed to your birds. The quality of feeds matters a lot. The feed that you give to the birds should be proper, to improve their health.

15. Improper growth of birds. Another reason for the improper growth can be less number of feeder and drinker. Less number of feeder increases the competition for feed. Small birds do not get chance to eat. Make sure that you have number of a feeder than expected. Twice the number of expected feeder and drinker should be kept.

16. Low profit due to less weight of overall batch. You as a farmer will notice that there are some birds which will be larger in size and weight. Some birds will be smaller in size and weight. To gain the maximum profit from the batch follow the following steps. It will help you maximize the profit.

a) If possible sell your batch is few steps, do not sell the whole batch at once. Separate the birds with better weight from the batch and keep them in one compartment. Sell the birds will the better weight first.

b) Once larger weight birds are sold. The farm becomes little free. It gives the smaller birds a chance to grow to their maximum weight. And then sell the remaining birds following this same procedure.

17. Farmer is always in a hurry to start the next batch after selling the previous batch. Do not hurry. It is very important for every farmer to make the farm completely dry. Clean the farm completely. Let the air flow inside the farm. Open the farm for air intake. Make the farm antibacterial and antiviral. Once your farm is completely cleaned. Then start for the next batch.

Mistakes Made by Experienced Farmers.

Sometimes even the experts make mistake. It is not a bad thing. It is bound to happen we are humans. Here we will see some mistakes made by the expert farmers which cause heavy losses not just to them but to everyone.

1. Being careless

As a professional farmer, we should not be careless. Sometimes you keep your workers to do your job. Your workers do not tell you about the mistake they have done. It advised that, if you have workers at your farm then keep checking their work. Do not start depending on your workers, this can be bad. Be cautious and provide your input to the workers.

2. Getting Distracted

Once you achieve success, you start neglecting the poultry farm. You get distracted by the other business ideas. You start considering poultry farming as a alternative. Do not make this mistake, it may cost you dearly.

3. Overconfidence

Sometimes being overconfident causes loss. You must take pride in your experience. But few mistakes can cause diseases like bird flu. It is advised to always maintain the politeness towards the poutlry farm industry. In such way that your mistake should not be the cause of loss to everyone.

4. Not being helpful to New farmers

If you are a experienced farmer then it is your responsibility to help others. The strong people lift others up. Don’t be conservative. Be helpful. This will increase your respect in the community and make you better person. Respect is never given to anyone. One must earn the respect. If you want respected then help others. They will respect you.
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